The Power Trials Project (2016-2017)

It’s Gadgets VS Supers in this New Media Series Featuring Superheroes When They’re Off the Battlefield

ROLE: Co-Creator, Director, Editor


The Day MUST Be Saved

The Power Trials Project is an interactive superhero-themed mockumentary about the difficulties of balancing a “hero” life with a human one. Whether you’re a hero with super-genes or just a super-genius, everyday tasks and normal relationships can be the greatest challenge in any hero’s life.

Throughout this Telly award-winning, 24-episode interactive Web Series, audience members were encouraged to participate in the story to determine the narrative’s direction.

This SAG-approved shoot featured cast and crew from California, Virginia, Georgia, New York, and North Carolina with credits from shows such as AMC’s Turn and the CW’s Arrow, among others.

Currently on-hiatus, the original season was published in 2016 and cast and crew intend to return for a second season at a later date.

A sample episode is provided on this page. To see more, visit The Power Trials Project on YouTube.

Jonathan C. Hout
Cinematographer | Editor | Storyteller